Yes, October!

by Oct 2, 2019


No matter where you live, you have an intimate, ongoing relationship with your weather. What happens outside affects you inside your home and within you too. Consider how your life shifts as the seasons of the year phase in or out. You can take advantage of these seasonal changes to make each season special and unique in its own way.

Use these tips to help you get ready for a happy, healthy fall season that your whole family can enjoy:

1. Prepare your home for the change in the weather. It’s wise to take care of tasks such as examining weather-stripping, storm windows and your heating system this time of year. 

* Look a few months ahead as you think about any preparations or repairs you might want to make to your home before the first cold fronts arrive. Being prepared brings you peace of mind and can avert a stressful crisis down the road. 

2. Use special autumn activities to strengthen your family bond. Spend a dinner out together or a family evening at home to plan things to do together in the fall. 

* Take advantage of Halloween for some fun 

* Whether you visit a local pumpkin patch for hot apple cider in late October or plan a drive to your closest national park to view the changing leaves, you can arrange to spend plenty of special autumn times together as a family.

* If you wish to look at the 31st October from a more spiritual point of view, celebrate Samhain, witches’ New Year Season

3. Engage your family in fall menu planning. Encouraging your children to take part in the planning of some delicious seasonal meals serves many purposes. 

4. Evaluate your moods as fall sets in. In the past, have you noticed specific changes in your moods as the leaves drop from the trees and the weather cools? 

* Do you feel relieved that the heat is dissipating for a spell? Or do you feel disappointed because there will soon be fewer hours of daylight and the weather will be getting cold? 

* Thinking about how the coming season will affect your mood is a smart thing to do when the wheel of the season is turning. That way, you can be better prepared for any seasonal shifts in your emotions.

Regardless of where you live, it’s helpful to consider how your life will be affected when fall sets in. 

For those of you that wish for a little more support I am opening my private facebook group to subscriptions for the month of October and November. I will be sharing guidance, provide healings and clearing in the background while supporting you as mush as you wish via direct message. 

You can hear all about it in my video here

I am also very excited to announce a couple of worksops:

2 November 2019 “ In memory of” , a workshop to honour the life of our loved ones in spirit and 

2 December 2019 “ ‘How to say yes to your dream Life” all the  practical steps to manifesting and myths about the Law of Attraction

Embracing each season of the year through good planning will help you enjoy that particular season’s bounty. Get ready now for the shift into fall!


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