Sharing The Love From Clients

Natalia Z., London

I recently had a session with Alex. As it was my first session with a healer, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

"I am really glad that I gave it a go, though. Alex is extremely professional and warm and she immediately put me at ease. The experience was a mixture of relaxing and focused. Alex provides a safe and nourishing space to search, discover and heal. She naturally leads you in the right direction and her guidance and support are invaluable! I left the session confident, calm and with a clear sense of purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend Alex! "

Natalia Z., London

Alicia A. London

“I just got back from a chakra balancing session with Alex @Breathingheartcoaching. I felt so open, peaceful and excited and ready for what this year will bring. Alex made me feel so calm and relaxed during the session and even her beautiful cat joined in!

What a great day to start the year and the green is the colour of the day!”

Viola C. Italy

“I had a session with Alex in a very difficult moment in my life. In her guidance I felt supported and accepted, she set a sacred space for me to heal and made me feel safe and protected. Her healing are gentle yet incredibly powerful, she encourages me to accept my feelings and emotions and honour them rather than resit and fight them and she thought me the importance of allowing time to myself to heal.

The shifts were deep and I felt a great sense of surrender and calm. I am very grateful for her.”

Timothy, Georgia - US

"Receiving healing from Alex is one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I've had. Her gentle yet exquisitely clear and articulate guidance I can only compare to what it must feel like to walk inside yourself and have a conversation with your own innermost self like a best friend. I was amazed by how she intuitively hit the nail on the head, moment by moment, point by point, as if she were experiencing my own thoughts and emotions right alongside me. Alex opened the door to the part of myself I hadn't seen since I was a small child; My rawest most vulnerable and yet beautiful nature. She effortlessly lead me through the various passages of my life, and wherever there was confusion, or difficulty, her light loosened and untangled the knots of my own psyche that were too dark, complex or close to home for me to accurately see for myself. Both Alex's wise words and presence are soothing and medicinal. I've no doubt she is a natural healer, and her particular style and approach to her work is of an altogether new and groundbreaking caliber..”

Mel, Scotland

“Thank you for my amazing healing session today with Alex, as you were just saying there is no space that cannot be touched and healed, whether is a face to face or at distance. You are so gifted and it was such an amazing healing. I still can’t believe all the stuff you touched on and that resonated with me at all levels. I am still buzzing from the whole session. Thank you, all my love and gratitude. ”

Marina, Bali

“I had a session with Alex after my bike accident. Alex is so intuitive; she saw exactly what was going on for me. She set a strong protection for my auric field and also taught me how to do it for myself. Also we were able to heal the issue around my insecurities and worries around my current situation in life. As a result, I was able to let go of my worries, feel much calmer and live in the moment, enjoying my life! Alex is very inspiring. She combines intuitive healing with coaching which works together amazingly e.”

Elizabeth C., Jersey

“Alex did a Theta healing session with my Mum after my Mum had been diagnosed with a serious illness. My mum was amazed at how ‘spot on’ Alex was in understanding who she is as a person and she picked up on things that had happened many years earlier in her life despite not knowing anything about her before the session. My Mum felt really uplifted after the session and really looks forward to a weekly session with Alex to help her heal and return to full health. I am so excited for my Mum to continue receiving healing from Alex as she helps her to release what doesn’t serve her and to evolve as an amazing woman throughout this journey”

Sophie T, London

“I really enjoyed working with Alex. I find her voice very soothing and her guided meditations calming and grounding. A perfect antidote when living in bustling London! But what struck me the most was Alex’s determination to reach her goals and make her dreams come true, a quality that I am sure she will be able to transmit to her clients so that they can too, achieve their dreams!”

Valdilene A, London

“Alex is a very good listener and very positive about life. She makes me feel at ease every time I need a heart to heart chat. I can describe her as fun, loving and supportive.”

Cristina P, London

“Clever, trustful and direct. I like talking to Alex, sharing my moods and my day-by-day life. She’s a very good and supportive listener and she always knows what to say to encourage you, make you fell better and brings back hope even in the darkest moments”

Georgina G, London

“I came to Alex to explore connecting with my guardian Angels as I had never done this before but was curious. Alex has a strong intuitive relationship with the fifth plane and through her knowledge of crystal energy she guided me to connect and remove the pain I was feeling specifically in my ankles. As a result of my session with Alex the pain in my ankles has now been healed and I'm no longer afraid to connect with my guardian Angels for guidance.

Thank you Alex for restoring my faith in the power of guardian Angel's!”

Andrew M, London

“I had the good fortune of being introduced to Alex by a mutual friend. Alex is a very calming person to be around which makes talking and opening up to her very easy. Although, I have spent much time reflecting upon my past and present and where I wish to go next I found it very interesting and worthwhile to have another person ask me direct and personal questions about my past and present, in a very impartial non-judgemental way. Having answered the questions and talked to her I felt that I had more confidence as to where I am, making it much easier to decide where to go next. Some wise words helped remind that I was slipping back into a very narrow view of the world rather than looking at the full array of possibilities and opportunities. Thank you Alex.”

Junko M, London

“I have known Alex for a while now. She helped me to achieve various goals in life by encouraging me to be clear about what I want and focus on the tasks to achieve the end goals. She is very intuitive and gets the bigger picture very quickly then shares her views and experiences which are very helpful to form my own stances. I highly recommend her.”

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