The Spiritual Love Summit

by Feb 22, 2021

Saying yes to Love!

I don’t know if you’ve heard, Alex Vitillo will  be speaking at the ✨?❤️SPIRITUAL LOVE SUMMIT ❤️ ?✨It’s taking place on the 25th to 28 February 2021

This is a summit just for people who want to heighten their spiritual connection

All the Speakers Are Coming Together With One Mission: To provide you with the insights you need to experience SPIRITUAL LOVE ENERGY! Why should you join us?

1.?To achieve that warm feeling of love by being in the zoom room with speakers who not only help you feel it in their presence but also give you the tools to achieve this feeling anytime on your own.

2.? Networking with other spiritual people through this Summit’s dedicated FaceBook group and other closed FaceBook Groups.

3.? Interact with a Psychic medium with 27 years of experience who will be able to communicate with departed loved ones from the audience in the zoom room

4. ?Being in the presence of  the Powerful Leading Shamanic Priestess, an Authentic Shaman  and other experts in their field who will offer spiritual insights, protection and sacred tools In addition to amazing discounts for retreats and holiday stays at the spiritual village, Abruzzo Borgo, from only 35 euros a night, in Central Italy!

To secure your spot, click the link below

Alex will be speaking about the Importance of Spiritual Dating for Healthy Relationships. Whether you have been married for a long time or single, the tips I will be sharing will either help you call in your romantic love, either strengthen the relationship with your partner.

One of the  fabulous free giveaways will be “The LOVE Bundle“, a journey which will help you identify the current stage of your love life, heal previous painful relationships, understand how you operate when it comes to attract your soulmate and how to spoil them once you are with them! It’s a very juicy bundle!???????

Do not miss is, book your place by clicking the link below before we sold out

Love and More Love

More about Alex:

Leading Shamanic Priestess Of Wealth & Wellbeing, Alex traverses the ‘material’ and ‘mystical’ worlds. After over 15 very successful years in Finance, Alex lost her husband to cancer. She found respite in meditation, mindfulness and energy healing. She re-trained herself in several energy techniques and has developed her own methodology. Alex also professionally qualified as a Matchmaker.

Alex empowers visionaries, to become the Soulful, Impactful and Rich Leaders they were born to be.

Alex is a published author, an international speaker, featured in international media.

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