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Top tips for journalling

Start tracking your achievements, set intentions and overcome emotional times by writing down in a journal daily. It will allow you to see patterns in your challenges, record your win, be clear on your future goal. All of this together will allow for a smashing 2020!


Top 7 Ways to Develop Greater Optimism for Your Future

Do you struggle to believe that good things are coming your way? Then read these 7 top tips on how to reach out to your positive self, connect to optimism and shift into a greater future.


I allow Love to transform my relationships

Take World Kissing Day on July 6 as an opportunity to bring more love into your relationship.
In this post, I share personal exercises to cultivate your Love frequency.


How to power up your self-care with nature

Each day I start my morning with a practice of gratitude and setting intentions. And every day I am thankful for natural resources. When I feel like my body is lacking something, I turn to the outdoors. Another way that I uplift my body and mood is by producing my own aromatic air fresheners by…

Motivation Spirituality

I feel alive with the help of Mother Earth

How often do you praise the healing power of Mother Earth, if you are like me, quite often. If you are feeling stressed, always running out of time, take a few minute to read this blog and try the following affirmations. I wake up each morning feeling sunny, bright, and warm. I thank Mother Earth…