Summer Solstice

by Jun 19, 2019


Since my journey into shamanism my relationship with nature has been amplified tenfold. I gain so much energy from the changing of the seasons, equinoxes and solstices are now part of unmissable celebrations and rituals. If you have experienced my workshops you also know that each season brings a direction as an ally and I work on specific theme related to the specific and unique energy of that time.

I feel a sense of renewal whenever nature produces something new. It reminds me that it is okay to expect success from new ventures that I undertake.

On Friday 21 June I will celebrate the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge, drumming and dancing, staying up all night, awaiting for that first magical ray of Sun which touches the sacred stones in the English countryside. It’s an amazing collective experience, don’t miss is if you have never been.

Spring to Summer fills me with excitement about great possibilities. The bright sunshine puts a smile on my face and the drive to pursue opportunities in my heart. As the summertime prepares for fall, I go into a period of planning for a new goal. The downtime that comes at the end of summer represents meditation and creativity.

With shorter days and longer nights comes the urge to work quickly to lay out my plans. I am reminded that waiting too long to act on an idea results in a missed opportunity. I actively tackle my action list to make room for the next steps.

The change from Fall to Winter reminds me of the importance of quiet time. Spending time with my family is especially important during the winter. I also use this season to show my loved ones how much I love and appreciate them.

Winter to Spring gives me a jolt to act upon things that are yet to be achieved. Experiencing longer days gives me energy to get more done.

And the cycle repeats, each time bringing new awareness and a deeper connection to land and elements.

Today, the seasons serve as my inspiration to live life at a high level. I am happy for the encouragement that I receive from nature.

How does nature inspire you? Do share your insights about the connection with Mother Earth, her gifts to you and which nature and seasonal activities you plan to do next. Join my facebook page @mindfullyfulfillingyourdreams and share.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I make the most of the outdoors during the warm seasons?
  2. What are some rituals I look forward to during the Summer Solstice?
  3. What other elements of nature serve as inspiration for me?


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