Practical tips to create new beginnings

by Jan 10, 2020


We are still in the first few days of the New Year with an Eclipse – Lunar Eclipse- happening on January 10th 2020.

Use this cosmic time and tips to help you create new beginnings.

One way to start fresh is by decluttering your environment and mind (more on this topic on another post).

The second Monday in January is Clean Off Your Desk Day. You can celebrate this time by organizing your work space, so you can enjoy increased focus and productivity at your job or decluttering your home for a happier life. 

Decluttering and organizing your space can quickly feel overwhelming and frustrating. If you’re afraid to get started because it seems like so much work, try doing fewer tasks at a time. When you take small steps to declutter and organize your home or your work environment, you can conquer the task much more easily.

First, divide things up: Tackle only one room at a time. This will make your task appear much less daunting. Avoid moving on to the next room until you’ve completed the last one.

The tips below focus on your home; you can apply them for any environment where you are in control: an office, a shop, a room, a desk, a cabinet. 

Try these suggestions for organizing and decluttering your home in small steps:

1. Choose your starting point. Select a room that you can tackle in a day, rather than the most challenging one in the house. Once you’ve chosen your room, start early so you have as many daylight hours as possible to work on your cleaning and decluttering.

2. Basic sort. Go through everything in your starting room and sort out items you no longer want. Everything that you touch in the room should go into one of four categories: Things you want to throw away, things you want to donate or sell, things that should remain where they are, and things that you want to keep but that are in the wrong room. Use this sorting principle for every item in the room. When you’re finished, you should have four distinctive piles or areas in the room. Each item in the room will be in one of the four piles.

3. Remove trash. Simply taking all the “throw away” stuff out of the room is going to make a very large dent. Keep in mind that personal paperwork should be shredded rather than simply put into the garbage.

4. Remove donation items. Anything that you intend to sell, give away or donate should come out next. Store these items somewhere else in the house for now. Continue to add to this section from each room in your home until you’re ready to make one single donation or yard sale.

5. Sort the “belongs elsewhere” section. Do not simply move these items into another room; otherwise you’ll need to sort them again. Create a box or container for each room for which you have items. Make sure that you definitely want to keep them so that you can transfer them into the right room without having to sort them again later.

6. Organize what’s left. Now that you’ve removed large chunks of “stuff” from your room, you can organize everything that remains. When you’re only working with the things that are supposed to be in the room, decluttering and organizing becomes much simpler.

7. Repeat this process. Continue steps 1-6 in each room until you’ve finished the whole house. When you handle one room at a time, the process is much simpler and less stressful.

Once you’ve finished organizing your house, take a few minutes each day to ensure everything you’ve used during the day is back in place so you can continue to enjoy your “new” clutter-free home.

Big tasks can seem overwhelming. Break your decluttering challenge into smaller increments and before you know it, your house will be clean and organized!

You can also bring some fun by playing your favourite music while doing it, make it a ritual: for instance burn sage before you start with the intention to be focused and detached while sorting your items and finish each day by burning sacred palo santo wood  while calling in new opportunities or items that may serve you next.

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