Opposites attract, NOT!

by Jul 10, 2019



Today I wish to share some examples on how to work with the Law of Magnetism and how it can help us understand why we experience (or not) our daily reality. There are many documented cases of people achieving astounding results by applying the principles of this law to their own life. If you aren’t yet familiar with these principles, you’ll be happy to know it’s quite simple. 

The Law states that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. In other words, if you focus on the positive, you’ll be rewarded with positive things. In contrast, if you focus on negative aspects of your life, you’ll attract other negative things back to you. 

Does it seem too simple to be true? That’s because it is! This law can bring good things into your life if you understand how you can use it to your benefit.

Here are some examples of the Law of Attraction in action:

1. Health. Have you experienced health issues in your life? Here some suggestions to enjoy better health. 

* Be thankful for the fact that you’re alive and that you have another day to enjoy life to its fullest! 

* Remove negative thoughts and feelings from your mind and ask for healing. 

* Picture yourself as strong, healthy, and vibrant. You can even visualize the cells in your body conquering germs and disease, rebuilding themselves, and busily functioning at peak performance. 

2. Love. 

I will be cheeky here and ask you to send me examples of how the Law works for you.

If you are not sure about it, sign up to my upcoming workshop in London on 21 July or contact me directly for a free 15 minute brainstorm.

3. Money. Is it okay to use the Law for something as material as money? The answer is yes! You can definitely apply the principles to attract wealth. As long as you properly request it, this too can be answered. Practice just as you would for anything else. 

* Be thankful for the money you do have, no matter how little.

* Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and feelings and picture yourself with the money you desire. See yourself buying what you want, paying all your bills, and knowing that there’s always extra money in your bank account.

* Let your subconscious take you to a place where you already have the money.

If you do these things sincerely and consistently, you’ll be rewarded with better health, more passionate love, and wealth. 

However, you must have an open mind and heart. If you harbour any doubt in the process, it won’t work. Also, remember that wishful thinking without action is useless. Make sure to follow up your positive thoughts with positive actions that guide you toward your goals.

So the next time you hear the phrase “opposite attracts” you know that is not necessarily true. 



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