Living with love enhances my quality of life

by Feb 5, 2020

As we are approaching St. Valentines, find below affirmations that will help you feel loved up and expand into LOVE.

“I realize that love manifests itself in so many ways. When I live in love, I am able to enjoy a better quality of life.

Love manifests itself in how I relate to strangers. It is easy to turn a blind eye to someone begging on the street. But even when I have no money, I respond with kindness. I avoid shunning another person. I realize that decision is out of love.

When someone offends me, instead of getting upset, I let them know that regardless of the situation, I still admire their positive traits. This approach immediately allows the other person to see the mistake in their actions. I believe I show love by pointing out a person’s strengths to them.

I spend a lot of time empowering my children to compete. I reassure them that winning is actually unimportant. I let them know that competition builds their drive to succeed. My encouragement is a manifestation of my love.

Showing love physically is also important to me. I use every opportunity to hug someone or pat them on the shoulder.

My heart feels so light when I give love to others! Very few things affect me negatively.

Today, I work towards maintaining that light-heartedness. I like how I feel when I give love to others. I feel positive energy coming right back to me when I show love and kindness to those around me.”

And now, answer these questions to see where you are at. You can use the energy of the full moon on Sunday to journal and reflect on them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Can I handle stressful situations better when I have a light heart?
  2. Do others tend to treat me with love once they realize I am inclined to treat them that way?
  3. How can I enhance my relationships with love?

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