Interview with journalist Mo Lawson

by May 15, 2019


Journalist Mo Lawson visited spiritual matchmaker Alex Vitillo for a chat and to see how she works, learning that bringing couples together is one small part of the process


With a long financial career behind her, Alex found herself bringing up two children alone after her husband died. Already the owner of an official certificate in matchmaking, she retrained in the art of Theta Healing, and now combines both skills, running healing workshops, pairing up couples, and helping people reroute to their natural spiritual paths.

Q: Alex, how did you hear about Theta Healing?

A: Not long after my husband died in 2016, I was walking past Belsize Park Town Hall, north London, and I saw a poster outside advertising a course in healing. The words spoke to me.

Q: Did you sign up straight away?

A: Since it was the start of summer and we were about to leave for our annual break in Italy, I parked the idea. I was also going through the healing process so the timing wasn’t right. At the end of summer I searched up the company and it was offering the courses in Theta Healing: basic and advanced. I immediately signed up for both.

Q: How does Theta Healing work? 

A: Theta works on the theory that Fate is in our hands. I take clients back to past lives, previous ancestors, places that may have created limiting beliefs. Theta sets out to identify these blocks, working with a higher energy to find a positive path, and help us heal.

Q: How many sessions does it take to start working?

A: It varies: one session can be enough, but most have more to identify past beliefs and heal. Once you’ve seen a healer you often want more, so it becomes ingrained in your lifestyle. There are always things to work on at a spiritual level.

Q: How does Theta Healing help to in the matchmaking process?

A: Theta can help open up positive pathways and realign old belief systems, so it’s perfectly suited for helping a person embark on the search for a partner. Meditation also plays a part.

Q: Would you say matchmaking has comparisons with your City work?

A: My new role is so similar to sales, because it’s all about interviewing people to find out about their life, what they want. People come to me with a shopping list that always needs translating: what do they actually need, and how can we make it happen?

Q: Can you tell us about your past clients?

A: I’ve worked with so many different people, from artists and engineers to bankers and more. Some just need a little massage for the soul, some need a total change in career, some are seeking a soul mate. I love the variety of the work.

Q: What do you take away from the work on a personal level?

A: I love finding someone their ideal partner or just helping them heal in general. When we work out the long-term solution it’s just so satisfying.


Alex runs her practice from her home in north London, holds healing workshops once a quarter, and ad hocone-to-one healing sessions. To find out more, follow her Facebook page at or visit her website:


Theta is a meditation technique for mind, body and spirit that focuses on clearing existing limiting beliefs in order to create pathways for positive living. 


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