Inspirational reflections on Autumn

by Oct 23, 2019


We are now well underway into Autumn. As the leaves on the trees turn into brilliantly-colored medallions, I feel uplifted. The beauty of fall, as it leads to winter, reminds me of how the change of season brings the opportunity for renewal and peace.

Just like the trees and bushes, I receive another chance at life each fall. The new season is accompanied by time to work more effectively, take better care of my health, and find my center.

Autumn brings special beauty to the outdoors. Focusing on living a positive life helps me draw on feelings of peace. I avoid getting lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

The blessings I receive all year round are most evident to me in the fall. The colorful show of the fall leaves helps me to feel positive and blessed. As I explore nature’s bounty, I feel serene. Autumn’s beauty is astounding, especially in my local park, the magical Hampstead Heath.

On a cool fall day, I sit by a circle of trees and reflect on the coming season. My work fulfills me. My relationships are positive. I love others, and am loved in return. My desires are within my reach. My home makes me feel safe, comfortable, and warm.

The serenity of the autumn air surrounds me.

Today, I feel the calmness of the autumn. Sitting by the open-air pool watching the leaves fall off the trees is an awesome way to clear my mind. I reconnect with feelings of peace and joy each fall. Autumn brings a feeling of quiet contentment. I am ready for Samhain and the witch’s New Year.

Take a moment to reflect and journal on the questions below.

  1. How do I feel as autumn approaches?
  2. What three things do I love about fall?
  3. How can I enhance a sense of peace as the fall season progresses?

If you would like a heart to heart talk on how to optimize this period of introspection do book your complimentary call below, whether you are based in London UK, or not, simply get on the call.

Blessings, x Alex


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