I allow Love to transform my relationships

by Jul 3, 2019


Following on my workshop last week on “Expanding Love and increasing your magnetism” I share with you some personal reflection exercise. Do set a few minutes aside with no phone, no social media, no interruptions and allow your emotions to come through. Be compassionate and do not bring in judgement towards this exercise.

I value the relationships I am blessed with because love is the greatest gift of all. The bond I share with my family members and my friends is a source of life to me. There is no satisfaction greater than what I feel when I am with my loved ones.

In life, there are inevitably people who are easier to love than others. There are moments when those I care for hurt or disappoint me. During those times, I cling to love as a source of strength.

Love challenges me to see others for the person they want be, instead of judging them by the mistakes they make. My choice is to weigh the intentions of people’s hearts rather than their shortcomings. This helps me treat them with greater love.

I surrender selfish interests regarding others. The basis of my relationships is not what I can gain from others but what I can give (this requires a LOT of practice)

True compassion is the key to loving others in spite of their shortcomings. When the going gets tough, I can exhibit selfless patience toward others because of love.

I am transforming my relationships into deep bonds through the power of empathy and compassion. By banishing criticism, I become gentler toward others. I put aside my personal agenda and focus on the needs of those I love.

Today, I choose to allow love to transform my relationships, changing strife into peace. I allow compassion in so that I can be trustworthy and kind toward others. My loving attitude precedes me, drawing people toward me in search of a meaningful relationship.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I love freely?
  2. How can a loving attitude transform my relationship?
  3. Who do I need to extend love to today?

I would love to hear what came up for you during this exercise. Remember, 6th July is World KISSING day! Enjoy.


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