How do you fancy a bit of Tuscany

by Nov 19, 2019


As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, I look at my photos from a nice and hot summer time in beautiful Tuscany.

If you fancy spending 5 days in nature, letting go of stress, mobile phones, social media anxiety, I invite you to apply for my Tuscan retreat in April 2020.

Send me an email at to book your space and in the meantime read this amazing review from the happy traveler, Kieranne.

“Well, what can I say.. I have never been in a healing retreat before. The fact that it was also spiritual is what intrigued me. I am a very spiritual person, with no religion that I follow. I have been to a few of Alex’s workshops so I kind of knew what to expect. A the same time, I also had no idea! We were told to go with no expectations that living conditions would not be deluxe, yet basic. I did look at the place where we were staying and it looked very rustic…I was willing to give it a go! The place itself is amazing, old building that is next to a small church. It is part of a religious pilgrimage. The person who runs it is Giovanni and wow, can he cook! Be prepared for some tasty treats when you arrive, including lots of homemade local foods. Now the process we went through, I do not want to go into details about otherwise it will spoil it. However, if you have an open, and willing to feel uncomfortable around others, as well as pushing outside of your comfort zone, then coming to a retreat like this is ideal. I dumped a lot of past crap and felt more at ease with myself after going. Each day we had homework, nothing major, just a few questions to answer about the day. Each process was different, a lot was around the laws of attraction, spirits/angels/forefathers, changing of mindset and out with the old and in with the new! I don’t believe that working on oneself is a continuous process, with many things that come into our lives to test us, such as bereavement of a loved one or from a relationship with friends or family member, physical, emotion and mental health are all affected by life circumstances. This is why I am going again in April. To reconnect with Nature and the beautiful surroundings of the retreat. To continue working on myself as well as sharing and supporting others who are going to be there. Alex is an amazing woman who is very inspiring, knows her stuff and is just with you if that makes sense?! Of course, I also miss Giovanni and his fabulous cooking! So I would say to anyone wanting to come have a very open mind, be non-judgemental and be willing to go out of your comfort zone and stay in a lovely, rustic accommodation right in the heart of Tuscany. Join us!”

See you soon!


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