High With The Angels

by May 8, 2019


I am in beautiful Tuscany, it’s July 2016. The weather and surroundings are beautiful, my gorgeous children with me and my wonderful family doing whatever it takes to cheer me up. 
My heart is empty, sadness has left for numbness. 
I can’t get over the loss of my husband, the father of these two young angels. 
What will I do? 
How will I survive.

So many questions, so many fears.

I was prepared, yet I am not ready. Ready to let someone so close leave, ready to become a single mother, ready to face the challenges of life, finances, daily routines. I am not ready to be facing all of those tasks on my own.

Until I stumble across meditation. Breathing exercises, connecting with my body, listening to the whispers of my soul.

The pain is still there, my regular practice starts to build up and with it some weird synchronicities that set me off onto my healing journey.

At first, I ventured into my own healing path: a combination of mindfulness with esoteric techniques, then I followed the angel’s call guiding me to step up and share my healing and coaching gifts with others.

Theta Healing has been an amazing discovery, those of you who have experienced my sessions and power has benefited from its power. I am also a student of shamanism and a modern days ‘ fairy. At least this is how some of my teachers call me.

May 2016, watching someone so closed to me stop breathing was the most devastating experience, even now my breath stops when that vision pops back into my mind’s eyes.

Yet I am grateful that from that tragedy I discovered my new path, my light and I am so looking forward to help you overcome your moments of darkness.

Death is irrational, painful and inevitable. I feel deep within me the passing of this amazing soul as his sacrifice to awaken me to a higher dimension, a coming home to a world of love.

And so I say, the Ho’oponopono blessing

“Thank You

I love You

Please Forgive Me

I Am Sorry”


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