Happy Samhain

by Oct 30, 2019


As I am writing we just had an incredible strong dark moon, we are deep into Scorpio season, and we are near the witches’ new year Samhain (pronounced sow’ain) an ancient celtic festival celebrated in the pagan and celtic community

It takes place on the night of the 31 October/1 November and it’s really a celebration of endings. The end of a cycle, night time, mid-point in Autumn and the beginning of a new cycle.

Halloween aside, costumes and trick or treat, Samhain is a powerful energetic season. In this period of the year the veil between different realms is thinner than usual, allowing us to reach out to our ancestors and loved one in spirit with major intensity. 

At this time of the year we shall remind ourselves that even if everything on the surface seem to be dying, deep into mother earth, seeds are actually nurtured and preparing themselves for germination.

We may want to reflect on this, look back at what we have planted a year before and which cycles are now ending. When we trust that endings are necessary part of the cycles to birth new situations, projects, ideas and circumstances, we may face life with more ease and less anxiety.

Today I wish to share with you an ancient Mexican blessing and wish you all an inspiring celebration. 

Ancient Nahuatl Blessing

“I release my parents from the feeling that they have already failed me.

I release my children from the need to bring pride to me; that they may write their own ways according to their hearts, that whispers all the time in their ears.

I release my partner from the obligation to complete myself.

I do not lack anything, I learn with all beings all the time.

I thank my grandparents and forefathers who have gathered so that I can breathe life today.

I release them from past failures and unfulfilled desires, aware that they have done their best to resolve their situations within the consciousness they had at that moment. 

I honour you, I love you and I recognize you as innocent.

I am transparent before your eyes, so they know that I do not hide or owe anything other than being true to myself and to my very existence, that walking with the wisdom of the heart, I am aware that I fulfil my life project, free from invisible and visible family loyalties that might disturb my Peace and Happiness, which are my only responsibilities.

I renounce the role of saviour, of being one who unites or fulfils the expectations of others.

Learning through, and only through, LOVE, I bless my essence, my way of expressing, even though somebody may not understand me.

I understand myself, because I alone have lived and experienced my history; because I know myself, I know who I am, what I feel, what I do and why I do it. I respect and approve myself.

I honour the Divinity in me and in you. We are free.”


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