Beltane In Retrograde

by Apr 30, 2019


Beltane is a Celtic celebration on May 1stmarking the peak of Spring.

According to ancient tradition is the sacred union between The God and the Goddess who gets impregnated on May eve.

The energy from earth is strong, fertility is at its peak, sexuality, divine masculine and divine feminine are in sync giving birth to new life and projects.

The next new moon in Taurus is reinforcing that energy a few days later in May as the Earth sign of Taurus is all about sensuality and abundance in the material world. 

Beltane is celebrated with fire and with colours. If inspired and if you have an altar, burn a colourful candle, adorn it with colourful flowers and place your prayers of fertility, prosperity and new projects on it.

Meanwhile, high in the sky, a slightly different energy is taking place.

If you have read my previous posts you are aware that Jupiter is currently retrograde in Sagittarius (its home sign), Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn and, as of early hours (GMT) of the morning, Saturn turned retrograde in Capricorn too, conjunct the Moon South Node which represents our collective karma, our collective past and unresolved issues in a way.

Saturn is the planet of structures, it holds things together which also means limits, responsibilities, expectations, conditioning from the world, our unique experience, the way we grow up.

Saturn is also the keeper of time, Chronos. It represents authority, maturity.  

Saturn rules the zodiac sign of Capricorn. When Saturn is in its own home we all experience its authority and demands to grow up quite strongly.

Capricorn also asks us to be dedicated, to be accountable for our actions.

When planets are retrogrades they ask us to review our circumstances, to roll back the clock and to re-invent our behaviours.

Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld is asking us to go deep into our beings, let go of all the layers that no longer serve us, exposing our true nature.

Jupiter retrograde is asking to review how far we have come, how far we have expanded and take note of where we are, how we got where we are.

Saturn retrograde is asking to take a real good look at our structures, at our timings, at our integration into society. The opportunity during the retrograde is to dismantle the conditioning that doesn’t belong to us, the structures set up in places by others, to rebuild our own.

Pluto currently retrograde in Capricorn is also helping us to deconstruct our current experience to go one or a few layers deep. 

As always, transmutation and metamorphosis are not necessarily a fun thing in the moment of the de-construction: there may be confusion, fear, unsettled energy. Yet, the results are very rewarding, bringing changes that are serving us.

So what is the best strategy at present?

We can be flexible, we can team up with the energy of Beltane to invite Earth’s force and fertility, while we surrender to the cosmic lessons and keep doing our inner work.

As above so below; as without, so within!


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