Autumn Fantasy – What Will Yours Be?

by Oct 9, 2019


Even though the leaves are falling and the weather is cooler, autumn can be a time of reflection, fun, discovery, and renewal. 

If you could be granted your own fall fantasy this year, what would you hope for?

Use these ideas as a springboard to begin exploring your hopes, dreams, and plans for pursuing life goals this season:

1. Schedule more “me time.” What’s more personally fulfilling than engaging in the interests you adore? Whether it’s watching the top 100 best films, researching dolphins, have a healing session, or scrapbooking, carving out more time just for you will soothe the soul.

2. Spend a weekend away with your partner. Taking an autumn trip together will give you time to reinvigorate the love and closeness you share. Fall is a romantic time to get away. Choose a destination that will satisfy both of your desires for fun and loving activity. Then, submerge yourself in the relationship and each other. 

3. Devote time to self-improvement. Maybe you feel you’re ready to quit smoking, go on a chocolate-free diet, or exercise more at the health club. Taking steps to get healthier might help you fulfill a dream. Some would say you’ll have more patience to confront challenges when the weather is cooler. Now’s the time-go for it.

4. Clean out the closets. This option might not sound like the type of fantasy you had in mind, but there are more benefits than you imagine! Living in a cluttered home clutters your mind, as well, and might even cause you some emotional stress. Cleaning your closets can bring a renewed sense of freedom and feelings of starting fresh.

5. Spend a day with a parent. Yes, life gets busy. But you yearn to re-experience a time when you had a day to just hang out, talk, and eat a meal with Mom or Dad. Schedule it now to experience those feelings of closeness again. 

6. Enjoy more quality time with your kids. Does it seem like you’re always rushing your kids to school, then to extracurricular activities, and finally, home to do homework? Even with all their activities, it’s still important to spend quality time together to build and maintain a strong parent-child bond. 

7. Plan proactively for the coming holiday season. In past years, you might have waited until the last minute to make holiday preparations, resulting in some pretty high-stress holidays. You can also gift yourself or a friend with a 5-day retreat in Tuscany with me in April 2020.

8. Complete a course or class you’ve wanted to take. If you’ve been hoping to take a meditation course or even that small business course at the community college, you’ll feel so proud and accomplished when you finally take the plunge and do it this Autumn.

Regarding the change of season as a time to refresh your zeal for living will keep you achieving and feeling positive all your life. Now that it’s fall, plan to make one of your fantasies come true before the season ends and make sure to share it with me. 


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