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by Aug 7, 2019


Nature, magic, starry nights and beautiful people. Is your soul longing for returning home, let old patterns behind and start to manifest your life into being more easily and gracefully. If you are a decision maker, ready to step out of your comfort zone and spend time in a stunning scenery learning the tools for overcoming daily challenges, stress and frustration, this offer is for you.

Join us on this unique retreat, providing you with a detox from technology and an abundant time in nature, healing yourself and healing the land. Gift yourself five unforgettable days of total immersion in the beautiful land of Tuscany with me, Alex Vitillo. On this retreat you will take part in a healing circle, followed by meditations and silent walks, alongside deep spiritual work, to leave you feeling refreshed and centred.

For information visit this page:

It’s by invitation only so make sure we speak before you book.

I look forward to welcoming you. Do not hesitate, start packing.


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