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by Sep 25, 2019


Here we are, a new Season. We celebrated the Autumn equinox with healing and rituals and a new astrological sign.  It’s time for Libra to take the centre stage. 

Both, the equinox and the Libra season are asking to focus on balance, harmony and grace.

Nature, through a time of slowing down, a time of celebration for our hard work from the latest month and Libra through a balancing of relationships within ourselves and with the outside world.

This is an excellent time to be looking at where we are at in our life, where do we feel misaligned and how to face our challenges. 

If you understand the power of regular practice and the work on self-development check out my latest offer to you. 

My  new group on Facebook: Alchemise Your Way From Copper to Gold is in full swing and it’s so lovely to be connected to so many of you in a more personalised way. I always find groups are very powerful for helping one another achieve higher levels of healing and opening up oneself to more abundance in their life. We have worked with intentions, getting clarity on what we desire, we celebrated the energy of Mabon, the harvest of the year, and today we are having a group healing to bring more balance and harmony back into our lives. It really has been wonderful.

If you didn’t manage to secure a place in this group this time around, don’t worry as I will be launching a similar group starting on October 15th. Like the current group, the group will be a subscription-based trial for one month where you will have full access to me as your coach and energy healer via text message and access to what is shared together as a group via the group page.

The trial fee is just £40 for new members and £30 for existing members and gives you full access to the group and its features. It is a place to ask for guidance (either on the Facebook group or via private phone message) and there will be regular post updates about important astrological and energy events.

After all, nobody says that you have to do all the work on your own, trust me, together we will make it fun.

Contact me directly to subscribe. 

Offer ends October 12, 2019


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