Alchemise your way from copper to gold

by Sep 12, 2019


We are close to the full moon in Pisces, lot of waters and emotions running wild.

Full moons are moments of culminations, heightened sensitivity, moments of truth. This full moon is called the “harvest moon”, it’s a micromoon as it is the furthest away from Earth, yet it will be very powerful. We are getting close to the Autumn equinox, we are entering Autumn and the harvest season. Given that we all wish to maximise the fruit of our labour, I am starting a new healing group.

I hope to continue to help you all overcome any stresses or changes in your life by enlightening you to achieve full balance in your body, mind, and spirit using the elements of the earth.

To further support the mission, I am launching a new group on Facebook: Alchemise Your Way From Copper to Gold. 

The group is a subscription-based trial for one month where you will have full access to me as your coach and energy healer via text message, access to what is shared together as a group via the group page and a one group remote healing session.

It is a place to ask for guidance (either on the Facebook group or via private phone message) and there will be regular post updates about important astrological and energy events.

I will also do regular oracle cards posting.

To subscribe to the group which is now launching, contact me directly at for payment.

If you decide to join the group, there is a special welcome live video airing on Facebook, in the group on September 16th at 5:30 pm London time and I hope to see you there!

It has been such a pleasure connecting with you all and having the opportunity to bring you a space and environment for you to heal and transform using the energy of nature this summer. As the seasons start to change and we go back to our daily routines and working lives I make it my mission to help you transform your energy gracefully, using the power of nature.

If you didn’t manage to secure a place on my last retreat this time around, don’t worry as you can join us on the next one in April 2020. Registration for the April retreat will close this September during the flash sale so keep an eye out for when the tickets go live very soon!

Keep watching my youtube channel for testimonials, meditations and to get to know me better

Happy full moon!!


Dates for your diary: April 2020 Tuscan Retreat

“Finding your way home, reconnect with your soul via the magic of the land”


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