Affirmations To Keep Your Soul Youthful

by May 20, 2020

My soul remains youthful.

My age has very little to do with the effervescence of my spirit. I keep my soul youthful by focusing on the important things in life.

I take time out to enjoy silly activities because doing so keeps my heart laughing. Enjoying the humor in life prevents me from being bogged down by its stresses. I am able to see what is really important in my existence.

I choose friends based on likeness of spirit. I avoid using someone’s age to determine compatibility with me. People who enjoy life hold a forever place in mine.

The evergreen state of nature helps me to appreciate each day on Earth. It helps me to see that being present in each moment preserves my spirit. I focus on how easily nature regenerates itself and brings forth youth in a continuous cycle. When things get me down, I quickly shed them and focus on newness.

Worry has very little place in my life. I keep my mind and soul fit by practicing positive living. This attitude guarantees continuous radiance from my being.

Today, my soul remains as youthful as I allow it to be. I am focused on actions and behaviors that allow me to focus on positive living. I know that having an optimistic mindset keeps me happy and saves my soul from turmoil and degeneration.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What activities can I enjoy to help maintain my youthfulness?
  2. How does a youthful soul help me to adjust to social changes in the world?
  3. How can meditation help me to focus on the lighter side of life?

Photo credit: Diego Morales @unsplash

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