Affirmations For Motivation

by Jan 25, 2021

Empowering yourself with Affirmations


My body is the outer shell that protects the most intimate parts of my being. My spirit and soul play a large part in forming my character. Having inborn determination is a blessing because external factors are unable to take it away.

I am my biggest fan. There are very few things that I consider myself unable to accomplish. Self-confidence results in ongoing success and greater assurance.

When I look in the mirror each morning, I see an image of purpose. I see someone who is hungry to achieve greatness. By identifying with that reflection, I pump myself up to take on even the toughest days.

My ability to bypass potential distractions is profound. It keeps me focused. Whenever I see that peer pressure is aiming to take me off course, I shut it down. My friends are aware that I am committed to whatever mission I set my mind to. I appreciate those special people who respect my drive and sense of purpose.

Doubts serve as sources of creativity for me. I use them as drivers to find solutions to challenges. Very rarely do I give up when one alternative is found to be unsuitable.

Today, I am proud to be born with the heart of a fighter. My ability to do great things comes from my firm belief that anything is possible for me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the affirmations I repeat each day to motivate myself?

2. How do I heal my soul when it is damaged by the hurtful actions of others?

3. What are some of the scary but worthwhile ventures that I have undertaken?


























































































































How To Stay Motivated When Life Gets Busy


When it comes to getting things accomplished, motivation can be hard to come by. Yet, motivation is exactly what is needed. A small amount of motivation is required to do small, simple things, like brushing your teeth. Bigger tasks require more motivation to complete.

But how do you manufacture motivation when you have none?  




Learn to motivate yourself and you’ll accomplish more:  




? Use pain. If you fail to complete a particular task, what damage will be done? It might just be the inconvenience of having even more to do the following day. Or it could be the prospect of someone dropping by and seeing how filthy your home is.  




* Come up with several good reasons why failing to take action would be painful to you   




? Use pleasure. Saving $25 this week might not be too exciting, but the vacation you’ll be taking next year is pretty great. Remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll receive. Make a long list that will help to keep the fire burning inside to successfully deal with those unpleasant or boring tasks. 




* Visualize the future you expect to enjoy from getting your tasks completed. Rehearse your successes in your mind. Create an image that motivates you take the next step enthusiastically. 




? Set short-term goals. It’s hard to stay motivated for more than 8-10 weeks. So, if you have a goal that will require a year to accomplish, you’ll run out of gas before you’re successful. 




* Break goals that take an extended amount of time into smaller goals that can be accomplished within two months. 




? Make the task more enjoyable. Raking the leaves might sound like a dreadful way to spend the afternoon, but what if you listened to your favorite album on your iPod while you raked? You could invite a few friends over for a barbeque and ask them to bring a rake.




* Ask yourself, “How can I make this task as enjoyable as possible?” and then listen to the answers you receive.




 ? Give yourself a reward. You wouldn’t go to work each day if you didn’t get paid. The reward you receive is enough to keep you going back each day. Apply the same idea to keep your motivation high enough to get things done. Think of a few things you truly enjoy and use them as motivation.




* Just feeling proud and pleased with your progress can be a form of reward. Those that struggle with motivation are often hard on themselves. Be happy with your progress and you can expect to enjoy more progress in the future.


? Take a deep breath. Few things will drain your motivation faster than an over-stimulated mind. Stay clear on what you’re trying to accomplish and focus on the most direct path to get there. Deal with one task before moving on to another. * Keep your brain focused on your current task. Meditation is an effective tool for learning to focus more effectively.


? Include another person. Going to the gym each day can be challenging. But if you know your workout partner is waiting for you, it’s more difficult to stay home. The presence of others can increase your level of commitment. Reach out to a friend.




































































































































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