A vortex of positive Energy

by Aug 28, 2019


I am here in Tuscany soaking up all the best nature has to offer during the last days of my special retreat.
It has been incredible: a communion of souls and land, local and away.  We prayed for the fires in the Amazon forest to stop and heard the rain has now come. What a blessing!
It has been such a pleasure connecting with you all and having the opportunity to bring you a space and environment for you to heal and transform using the energy of nature in the Summer in one of the most serene and positively charged places on Earth.

If you didn’t manage to secure a place on the retreat this time around, don’t worry as you can join us on the next one in April 2020. Registration for the April retreat will close this September during the flash sale so keep an eye out for when the tickets go live very soon!

Keep watching my youtube channel for testimonials, meditations and to get to know me better https://bit.ly/2Vcl6M2



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