8 Tips on how to be more Magnetic!

by Feb 12, 2020

As we approach Valentines’ Day and we wish to be feeling loved up, praised and really well looked after here are some tips on how to be the most interesting person in the room when attending an event.

You don’t have to look like a model or have the verbal skills of a senator to be a fascinating person. Everyone you know is fascinating, if only you knew them well enough to see it.

With limited time, you have to do a little more than just be yourself to be the most fascinating person in the room. You’ll need to stretch yourself a little bit.

Use these tips and you can be the most fascinating person at your next social gathering:

  1. Look your best. Dress average, and people will assume that you are average. We notice those who dress sharply. A perfect haircut catches our eye. Shine your shoes, wear glitter (if you are a fairy). Be bold in your clothing choices without coming across like a weirdo. Have a unique style.
  2. Focus on others. If you want people to think you’re fascinating, make them believe that you think they’re fascinating. If you can make someone feel that they’re the most interesting person in the room, you won’t be soon forgotten. Ps. Don’t fake it, look for things that will fascinate you in that person. We all have our gifts, sometimes you have to enquire a little longer to find out what they are.
  3. Lead an interesting life. If your life is interesting, and you’re willing to share it, you’ll be seen as interesting, too. Travel, have unique experiences, and pursue interesting hobbies. There aren’t too many people that do much beyond working and watching TV. Not only will you be fascinating to others, but you’ll also enjoy your life a lot more, too.
  4. Talk about things you’re passionate about. When you talk about things that interest you, you have an enthusiasm that’s attractive to people. What interests you that you can share with others? Share your enthusiasm with everyone and notice how well people respond to you.
  5. Be confident. Nervous people aren’t assumed to be interesting. We’re naturally drawn to confident, charismatic people. Remember, you don’t have to actually be confident, you just have to appear to be. ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’, always works!
  6. Read. The more non-fiction you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more opportunities you have to be an interesting person. We like intelligent people that can tell us things we don’t already know. Make a habit of reading and learning something new each day.
  7. Maintain some mystery. It’s easier to be interesting if you don’t reveal every detail about your life all at once. Even the people you see daily at work should wonder a little bit about what you do on the weekends. Keep an air of mystery around your personal life.
  8. Be unpredictable. We’re fascinated by people we can’t predict 100%. Be the person that comes into work and announces that you’re going to Nepal on vacation, or that you spent Saturday at an elephant sanctuary. No one knows what you might do.

You can be interesting just by being yourself openly and unapologetically. You’re already a fascinating person. However, if you want to be the most interesting person in the room, you’ll have to be a little bolder. Let the world see the real you. Let your crazy side out a little for a change. You’re going to like the way you feel!

Oh, don’t forget, you are AMAZING!

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