How to grow this Summer

Fun in the sun can be spiritually enlightening. Summer is a time for more than just meaningless activities with your friends. Instead, this summer can be packed with activities that can enlighten and empower you and your friends! Spiritual growth means more than simply sitting in church, attending a class, or meditating. Spiritual growth can…


I allow Love to transform my relationships

Take World Kissing Day on July 6 as an opportunity to bring more love into your relationship.
In this post, I share personal exercises to cultivate your Love frequency.


Summer Solstice

Since my journey into shamanism my relationship with nature has been amplified tenfold. I gain so much energy from the changing of the seasons, equinoxes and solstices are now part of unmissable celebrations and rituals. If you have experienced my workshops you also know that each season brings a direction as an ally and I…


How to power up your self-care with nature

Each day I start my morning with a practice of gratitude and setting intentions. And every day I am thankful for natural resources. When I feel like my body is lacking something, I turn to the outdoors. Another way that I uplift my body and mood is by producing my own aromatic air fresheners by…


Are You Earthing, if not, what are you waiting for?

Earthing is a hot trend that many experts are endorsing and one that I have been practicing for many years. Another name for earthing is grounding, and it refers to putting your body in direct contact with the earth. If you haven’t tried earthing, you may want to add it to your list. Learn more…


Going Green – Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Good for the Earth

I love working with the energy of the season, following the mandala of life, harmonising with nature. If you came to my workshop early this month you know that Spring is fabulous time to do some cleaning  and get your life into shape. You can use the opportunity to make many positive changes to your home…

Motivation Spirituality

I feel alive with the help of Mother Earth

How often do you praise the healing power of Mother Earth, if you are like me, quite often. If you are feeling stressed, always running out of time, take a few minute to read this blog and try the following affirmations. I wake up each morning feeling sunny, bright, and warm. I thank Mother Earth…