Cosmic Prayer

The Sun, the Moon, the Stars;

You and me, who are we?

Beautiful beings.

We come, we go.

Many planets, angels and guides;

One universe, one love.

At times we see the light, at times we feel eclipsed.

We know joy and we feel pain.

We live this life with humbleness, trial and errors, searching for the way. 

We face our shadows and we shine our rays.

Today I say, I dedicate this to YOU, supreme beings.

Namaste, Alex

A tribute to this eclipse season who moved us through the powerful polarities of Cancer/Capricorn of July 2019. Chiron retrograde in “the mix” has made the healing so much more effective. Well done to all of you who have committed to face their shadows in order to shine much brighter rays.


  1. Good day Alex, what a wunderful prayer, thank you! Well appreciated dedication!

    The eclipse here in Canada was very shiny & bright in the skies this past week!

    By the camp fire, it aided in the reflection of the moment after a fun filled day on the water!

    Be well, blessed & have peace of mind.


    1. Thank you dear James, many blessings to you.

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