Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius for YOU

We all have heard by now about Mercury Retrograde, and most likely all have experienced it in one way or another. 

I, for once, have been “hit” really hard by this last Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. Let’s not forget that Mercury is still in its post-shadow phase until April 16, 2019. For more details, please refer to my previous posts.

One less talked about planet is Jupiter, which stationed retrograde on April 10 at 24° Sagittarius. Jupiter is a slow-moving planet, and as such its retrograde phase happens roughly once a year and it lasts approximately four months. There is less mention about it in the press and definitely not the same sort of anxiety associated with Mercury Retrograde. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, also called the planet of “good luck”, the benevolent planet. Jupiter is associated in the Greek Mythology to Zeus, the King of the Gods, and as such a good God to call upon when looking for expansion, abundance and success. 

For the Romans, Giove, had an eagle as power animal as he was ruling the sky.

Knowing the archetype of Jupiter helps us understand where to focus our attention during the retrograde period.

Jupiter (and Saturn) is a social planet, standing in between the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus) and the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). 

Jupiter allows to improve, magnify, hone success, focus on abundance and happiness. 

The shadow side of Jupiter however could bring self-indulgence, complacency, over confidence and feeling superior.

Jupiter rules the zodiac sign at Sagittarius, therefore, being retrograde in its own sign is allowing for Jupiter to feel at home and bring a sense of comfort that we can all benefit from.

It’s an opportunity to reflect on growth and self-development. If you are accustomed to spend time in a rut, going through life without introspection this would do a good time to take some actions to focus on your growth, reflect on your level of happiness, call upon the God of good Fortune while taking stock of where you are and how you got there.

You have time, Jupiter retrograde ends on August 11 2019 at 14° Sagittarius.

For guidance and help to move forward, feel free to contact me.

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