Are you Spring Cleaning, if not, why not

A quick note to reflect on the Moon in these coming days.

On Friday 5 April at 9:50am UK time, we have the Moon in Aries at 15°16’.

This is a potent new moon as it’s the first moon of the new year (in astrological terms), but really before it becomes a real new moon (when the beautiful small crescent shows up in the sky), it is a dark moon. A time for introspection, reflection and releasing.

In other words, not a time to set intentions but a time to let go of old patterns, things that haven’t worked out, release lower frequencies.

A very good angel to support this process, for me, is Archangel Michael. Call upon him when wanting to release fears, chords, hooks, attachments with people, situations and places that you are ready to let go. You could add an audio meditation, visualisation, music, whatever helps you with this process.

In terms of basic astrology Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a sign which focus a lot on itself, his mantra could be “I am”, in contrast to the sign of Libra, on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, which is all about relationships with others. 

See for yourself how to balance the two archetypes in a way that serves you best. 

So, while doing your release work, focus on what you are, how do you show up, which patterns do you identify that you are ready to surrender.

Remember we are still in the early energy of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere). In my previous blog I talked about the benefits of spring cleaning your home, emails, your ‘to do’ list and other physical things at this time of the year. And, more importantly, spring clean your soul. Follow above guidance, take your time and give it a good cleanse.  

Another method you could use to spring clean your soul is the Ho’ oponopono techniques, an ancient Hawaiian practice that works wonders when used with intentions. For guidance on this wonderful tool, get in touch and I will give you some tips.

For those of you in London, I am hosting a profound workshop on the day of the dark moon which will help you achieve those shifts, prepare a clean slate for you to be, then, profitably seeding intentions in your very fertile soil.

Happy gardening!

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