It is all about renewal

Here we are, the last hour of Winter for 2019. 20 March, at 21:28GMT, the sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north, it’s the Vernal equinox and it marks the official start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s that time of balance where the hours of day and night are roughly the same. 

It feels intense, the energy is doubled up by a Supermoon taking place a few hours later, on 21 March at 01:42am in the sign of Libra at 0°08’, which is a potent degree for new beginnings. Associate the 0° of the Moon, the Spring Equinox,  the Sun moving into the sign of Aries initiating a new astrological year, there is a chance for you to feel really bubbly and wanting to start new projects. 

Libra is the sign of harmony, balance, relationship. Full moons are excellent times to charge your crystals, so tonight if you want to be creative and focus on romantic love, pick a few crystals that resonate with your heart and romance, put them in a nice bowl or shell with affirmations calling for your most divine soulmate (if you are looking for one) or more harmony, grace, beauty (and whatever is right for you) into your existing relationship, place it into moonlight and then carry those crystals with you until the next full Moon. 

If you have the chance, between tonight and tomorrow, take the time to look at the Moon, raise for Sunrise, plants seeds. 

Given that Mercury is still retrograde I would plant general intentions now, do some decluttering and go for more detailed plans with the next New Moon Phase (a couple of days after April 5). 

I am sharing my very personal practice here, so ultimately feel how it feels for you and do your rituals accordingly. Whatever you do, it’s a beautiful energy to work with, even if it’s intense. 

The Pagan tradition celebrate the Goddess Ostara, a German Goddess in the form of a young maiden, representing Spring and Dawn. 

I came across the legend of Mithras, the Roman God, born at Winter Solstice and resurrected in the Spring. Mithras was helping his followers to reach the realm of light after death. I read many versions of his myth, the one I favour is the story where he was challenged by the Sun to sacrifice a white bull. Mythras wasn’t keen but did it anyway. When is knife touched the bull, a miracle occurred turning the bull into the Moon and Mythras into the night sky. From the blood grew flowers.

There are many more cultures who celebrate Spring in their own typical way, so if you would like to share is yours, do send me a message.

Many blessings for this amazing astral and life cycle conjunction.


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