Which seeds are you planting?

Are you feeling that seasons, festivities and events keep happening really fast. 

First it was the celtic and witche’s new year (Samhain), then Yule on Winter solstice, Christmas came and went, the new year of the Gregorian calendar called for celebrations and intention settings, and now we are soon celebrating Imbolc on February 1st, followed by Chinese new year straight after the new moon on 4th February.

I have written about Imbolc and the goddess most associated with. You can read it on the following post:

As a quick reminder, Imbolc is a festival of purification that happens between the winter solstice and the first day of spring.

It’s a time to celebrate the longer days of sunshine, our Goddess Gaia, getting ready to gifts us with snowdrops and crocuses.

For all of you who like to follow the natural flow of nature, Imbolc is the time to plant the seeds of your intentions.

To ritualize your intentions, sit within a circle of candles and crystals. Collect a few stones on which you can write.

Ease yourself into meditation, asking your guides and angels to bring to the surface the obstacles to your dreams. Allow for words to pop into your head, then write those words onto the stones. If you do not have stones, use pieces of paper to write onto then fold them.

Once you sense that all of your obstacles have come to the surface, place the stones (or the pieces of paper) outside the circles made of candles and crystals.

Make the circle a little bigger. Now that you have moved the obstacles outside of your sacred space you have more space to focus on your dreams.

Take three deep breathing, ease yourself into meditation and this time ask your angels and guides to bring to the surface your dreams and forgotten desires.

Allow for time to receive those messages and with each desire at sight light a candle.

When you feel all of your wishes have been ignited meditate a little longer visualizing your new reality.

To close the ritual, thank your guides and angels, mother earth and father sky for offering all of their support and conclude by saying the following affirmation:

 “I have now let go of my limiting beliefs and I plant my new seeds of intention. I promise to honour, protect and nurture my dreams in the highest and best way, for myself and everyone else involved.”

Regularly lit the candles in the few days that follow your ritual and dispose of the stones in a river, sea, or any type of running water offering respect and gratitude to the water for recycling our obstacles.

As a reminder, please only set intentions and visualize for yourself otherwise you would be tampering with other people’s free will, that generally does not make us go very far. That said, blessings and unconditional love can be sent at all times.

And it’s with blessings that I wish you all a fabulous Imbolc festival!

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