Are you ready to meet the lunar eclipse in Leo

It’s almost time for the lunar eclipse on Wednesday 31 January, a full moon in Leo, a blue moon as it is the second full moon of the month (we had the first full moon on the first of January 2018), a blood moon (as it takes the reddish colour); a super moon, as the moon is very close to earth and looks bigger and brighter than usual. As I am writing the moon is just over 95% full, I have basked in her light and she already looks magnificently big!

The full moon is generally a time that is so charged that we focus our attention on what we want, using the energy to manifest what we want in our life. Many astrologers, depict full moon as a time to release, by experience though I feel is quite the opposite.

That said, during an eclipse, that energy is ‘blocked’ and all of our shadows emerge from the subconscious. So in this particular instance, it is a good time to work on RELEASE.

Lunar eclipses generally brings an ending, don’t be nervous,  it’s not all negative: generally is the end of a situation that no longer serves you, or clearing of people who no longer add to your life. Eclipses take you to where you should be in a more direct and abrupt way that if were to choose your own pace but ultimately, eclipses take you somewhere new, help you to get rid of the old and prepare the space to manifest what you want when the solar eclipse comes two weeks later, with the new moon.

Some facts:

The Lunar Eclipse takes place on January 31, 2018, at 11 degrees and 37 minutes of Leo, opposing the Sun at 11 degrees and 37 minutes of Aquarius at 1.26PM London time.

When the eclipse is visible (this time it won’t be from the UK), the moon takes a reddish colour as the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon obscuring the light from the sun. Instead of the moon turning completely dark, it takes a red tint which is also called a ‘Blood Moon’.

This eclipse is conjunct the north node of the moon, which, indicates our soul’s evolution; also conjunct Ceres, the planet ruling the transitions in a female life, the environment, motherhood, family relationships, nurturing, protecting but also separation to regain what is lost.

Words that resonates with,

Moon in Leo: Creativity, wisdom, heart, leadership, self-expression, passion, individuality.

Sun in Aquarius: freedom, changes, collective evolution, revolutionary ideas, fluidity, living in the present, all is possible.

In short, if there is one recommendation I would like to leave you with, it is to find time to reflect on yourself, think about how you feel, think about letting go of situation, relations that no longer serve you and prepare a fresh, new space to build new, strong foundations in mid February when the solar eclipse will occur (more on this closer to the time).

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