Are you feeling a tad aggressive, after all it’s Tuesday

If you are feeling easily angered, full of energy and wanting to focus on pleasure check your calendar, most likely it’s Tuesday.

For the Anglo-Saxons culture, Tuesday is the day of Tiw (or Tir), God of combat.

For the Roman, Tuesday is the day of Mars, God of War. For the Greek, it would be Ares.

In Astrology, Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, the planet of action, power, the planet which also represents masculine energy and sexuality. It can have an aggressive side, so balance it by transmuting conflicts into resolutions. It also connects to the number nine and the colour red, as red represents fire, warmth but also passion.

In the angelic realm Thursday is associated with Angel Camael, ruler of Mars. Camael has a warrior energy which will help against injustices, violence and any times you need to ‘battle’ for a good cause.

Crystals such garnet, bloodstone, ruby and rhodonite are good to wear on Tuesdays.

Tuesday is a good day to take action, to do something with energy and all your will. Any physical activity such like attending a gym is good. If you like spells and rituals, focus on courage, physical strength, removing negative spells and perform protective rituals.

See you at the gym!

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