Do you believe in miracles

I have so many books on my bedside table waiting to be read that I have resisted strongly buying a new one.
A few days ago, as part of my daily routine, after my prayers asking for daily guidance to my angels, this book (I will reveal its name below, allow me to keep the suspense for a few extra lines) was coming to mind over and over again.
So I finally ordered it.
A few days later, there it was. I was so excited that I spent a long time just looking at its cover.
I could feel the magic already just by holding the book in my hands. I closed my eyes, my mind relaxed and I felt joy. Joy for being alive, joy for the sky that was turning pink just before I closed my eyes, joy for my beautiful children peacefully asleep in the room next door.
Within that joy, I created space for mindfully creating miracles. This book remains very special for me. It made me think, that our life itself is a miracle and that we can all create as many miracles as we desire with the help of the divine.There are a multitude of inspiring authors out there, all with their unique view and experiences. I will regularly share on this blog books, videos and authors that I discover in the hope that they will enhance your life as they have enhanced mine.

 Inspired by ‘ A course in miracle’

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